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Welcome to the site of Holland International Image Circuit


Holland Circuit is a partnership of 5 dutch photoclubs. Every 2 years we organize a international image contest for proffesional and amateur photographers.

We have patronage from several international organisations: FIAP, PSA, Fotobond and GPU. This means we go by their rules and regulations.
The Dutch Photo Federation is a member of FIAP. If photoclubs are a member of the Dutch Photo federation they are automatically member of FIAP. For photographers it is interesting to enter competitions because by doing so you can receive "acceptations". If you have enough acceptations you can for example receive a distinction for that by FIAP. This makes it a nice challenge to develop your photographers skills!
Entering the competiotion can be done in 3 different sections. Which sections you can read in our regulations, you can there read what is expected. There will always be a section "free work"  in which you can send anything you like. Information about the costs can be found under Information.
Every 2 years we publish a wonderful *****catalogue: full color. If you enter the contest you will receive this catalogue for free.
At various presentations, the images of the winners will be displayed. Check the calendar for dates and locations.
Do you have any questions? Please feel free to ask them here. Or you can send an email to




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