FIAP, PSA, GPU, RPS..... Über 300 Auszeichnungen!

Reportcards were send on 27-01-2016, please check all names and titles and let us know if changes need to be made asap. If you didn't receive a reportcard through email, please check your spamfolder and otherwise contact us at


Acceptations 2016 (click link)


Award winners 16th Tribute to Colour 2016 (click link)


Award winners 10th Image Salon Delft 2016 (click link)


Award winners 10th Image Contest Wageningen 2016 (click link)


Award winners 8th Rainbow Challenge Rijen 2016 (click link)


Award winners 1st EPic Photosalon Epe 2016 (click link)




Circuit Awards 10th Holland International Image Circuit 2016:
Circuit Gold Medal Best participant in circuit
Danny Yen Sin Wong Malaysia
Circuit Gold Medal Best club in circuit
PSA China China
Circuit Gold Medal Best Dutch participant in circuit
Marcel van Balken Netherlands
Circuit Gold Medal Best young participant in circuit
Tiancheng Wang China
Circuit Gold Medal Award from the President
Christina Baumann Germany




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